A Paragraph on Poetry

Hello all!
This post is about one of the most important aspects of my life– writing. While my being able to sit down and painlessly compose essays and research papers requires very large amounts of caffeine and procrastination (my friends can attest to how amusingly unglamorous this is), writing poetry is my outlet, my confidant, and my stage. There are few things in life that allow me to feel the degree of ecstasy that completing a poem does. Creating a ladder of words for my heart to climb up and quietly nestle in gives me joy beyond anything I can describe. And I love it. I love staring at a blank page and feeling a burst of inspiration, I love staying up late to edit a poem and finally feeling like it’s ready, I love sharing and performing and poking fun at what I write, I love the responses I receive from friends and strangers; I love it all. Someone once told me that the purpose of life was to find what makes you happy and go do it, and I agree. Go through life embracing anything and everything that makes you feel like your soul is smiling, because it’s these joys that give us the peace we spend our entire existences looking for.

With love,
Shireen Z.

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