A Note on Gratefulness

I believe that all happiness in life begins with being grateful– the two follow each other in a cycle, and in my opinion, the most important step is at first being grateful for the less obvious things, even when life isn’t necessarily going your way. When you start doing this, even something as simple as a breeze or a cool glass of water can be enough to turn your mediocre day into a good one. Find joy in things such as a sunrise,

morning dew,

a sky full of stars,

warm summer rain,

your parents’ laughter, a pair of warm socks, a soft poem,

a good nap, funky plant, sound of waves,

a genuine smile, car ride with a friend, walk with someone you love,

a prayer, good episode of The Office,

the silence before dawn,

a long drive, happy song,

a brand new fact or word,

an “I love you,”

and when every one of these is monumental enough to make your heart feel full, being grateful ceases to be something that you consciously strive for– it floods your entire self effortlessly and allows you to feel every color, drink every gust of wind, and watch the way all of life dances in our universe.

All of that being said, when the world doesn’t seem like a friendly place and everything seems to be going wrong, it can hard to draw excitement from such little happenings, and that’s completely okay too. Allow it to come naturally, and it will.

With love,

Shireen Z,

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