A Beginning

Hello there! My name is Shireen and this is my blog. For the most part, I created this as an outlet for the stream of words, thoughts, and feelings that race through my mind; words that string together to shape poems, stories, musings, lists, etc. This is an attempt to put some of those things out there in the hope that perhaps some of you will relate and enjoy! Most of you probably know me but just in case, here are some of the things I love to do,

Reading (everything! fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between), learning, mornings, traveling, nights in, nights out, talking to people, friends, sunrises, documentaries, driving, mountains, questions, answers, libraries, thunderstorms, exploring, airplanes, listening, cooking, eating, laughing, smiling, walking, running, giving advice, and the ins and outs/ups and downs of life. 

I have already gathered so many words and dropped them into iPhone notes, stray pieces of paper, journals, Google docs, other people– you get the picture. So, I am very excited to finally have a place for the stray ramblings that have meant much to me.

This blog will hold a lot of my heart, so thank you for sharing this journey with me.

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